About Us

Safgos Studio is the creative partnership of brother and sister Giles and Freya Godwin-Brown. The studio is based in the outskirts of London in Kent and focuses on multidisciplinary design, concentrating on the fusion between art and products. 

Their motivation stems from a passion in craftsmanship and a sibling rivalry that pushes one another creatively. Having hailed from two different design degrees, Giles and Freya feed off each other’s design identity and background.

Freya was educated as a textile designer at Chelsea College of Art and Design while Giles received his BA in Product Design from Sheffield Hallam University. The talented duo each received First Class Honours in their chosen fields. 

Since graduating in 2009, Freya has been working on her Rock Series, sculptures that push the boundaries of textiles by submerging fibres and fabrics in resins to produce a range of pieces that are visually fascinating. Graduating in 2011, Giles has established a strong foundation in lighting design and uses his knowledge of modern lighting technologies to create products that can utilise new materials.

They set up Safgos Studio in 2011, combining Freya’s artistic talents with the practical product skills held by Giles; this synthesis in design results with every creation being both a functioning product and a work of art. Each piece is completely unique, distinct and can never be replicated. 

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